Collecting and using landfill gas is an important means of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and can provide an alternative energy resource. Over the course of its 25 years as a landfill operator, Afvalzorg has become a leading expert in landfill gas management. We not only put this expertise to use on our own landfill sites, we are also involved in various stages of landfill gas management projects all over the world. Consequently, we have over the years been able to improve the way landfill gas is recovered and used for heat and electricity production. This has enabled us and others to help achieve environmental goals.


Our portfolio embraces everything from landfill gas generation calculations to design and construction of recovery systems, and operation and maintenance of landfill gas management systems. As for landfill gas management, we have supported landfill site managers, operators, local governments and other stakeholders all over the world.

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