Landfills play a major role in waste management systems. They are the primary solution in underfinanced waste management systems, or close the waste cycle in situations where waste streams can (temporarily) no longer be re-used, recycled or incinerated. With many years of experience, Afvalzorg has gained expertise to become the leading expert in landfill management which can be put to use on landfills worldwide. Afvalzorg strongly believes that landfills are not just stored waste. They provide solutions and opportunities and are a source of renewable energy.


Our main office is the first permanent office in the Netherlands that has been built on top of waste. This beautifully designed building ‘folds’ out of the surrounding landscape, hence its name ‘De Vouw’ (the fold). It is a perfect example to demonstrate that you can safely redevelop and exploit modern landfills as fresh, high-value sites. We also have many other interesting and successful projects in our portfolio. We have listed a few examples below.

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