In October, Afvalzorg participated in the 19th International Symposium on Waste Management, Resource Recovery and Sustainable Landfilling. The Symposium, a convergence of industry leaders, academia and private organisations, provided a dynamic platform for over 500 global delegates who gathered in Sardinia. The event marked a significant return to face-to-face large scale conference following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representing the Netherlands as a key player in Dutch landfill management, Afvalzorg participated in the symposium’s session on (semi) aerated landfills. Our contribution involved sharing preliminary results from the ‘Sustainable Landfill Management Project’ (iDS for its Dutch acronym), an innovative pilot project aimed at minimising or eliminating the need for permanent aftercare of landfills in the Netherlands. The lessons learned and prelimnary results from the ongoing pilot project demonstrate our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions in waste management.

At Afvalzorg, we strongly believe in sharing our expertise and collaborating with various international research institutes and organisations to drive innovation in waste management and sustainable landfill management not only the Netherlands, but worldwide.

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