Afvalzorg and Waste4Change successfully rounded off a collaboration with students from the Wageningen University & Research on improving (organic) waste management in the Lake Toba region in North Sumatra.

This project is part of the ‘Living Lab concept’, initiated by Nuffic Neso Indonesia and Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality and supported by the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta and KRIYA. The project aims to develop Sustainable Tourism in the Lake Toba region.

As in many parts of Indonesia, waste management is a major challenge for the municipalities in the Lake Toba region. The main problem can be divided into economic, political and socio-cultural obstacles. Although complex, there is definitely a way out of the current loop of problems resulting in these insufficient waste management systems. A long-term strategy is needed for the region and hopefully our project can kick-start this. We are more than looking forward to a follow-up and contribution to sustainable waste management in the region and other parts of Indonesia.

The full project report can be downloaded for free here.

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