After an intense period of preparation and planning, the new leachate treatment plant at our landfill “Zeeasterweg” in Lelystad, The Netherlands, is now fully operational. The biological leachate treatment system operates under aerobic and anoxic conditions.

In previous years, Afvalzorg made use of the sewage water system of the municipality in Lelystad to dispose leachate water from the landfill. However, it was always the idea to treat the wastewater on-site. The new facility has been designed to treat all the leachate water collected at the landfill including additional waste water streams generated at the site. The effluent from the treatment plant can safely be discharged into the nearby surface water.

The new facility is a biological leachate treatment system that operates under aerobic and anoxic conditions. The wastewater treatment plant is designed to work with an average capacity of about 20 mper hour. To create optimal conditions for the bacteria, a carbon source is added. Instead of using raw materials (such as methanol), industrial waste water with a high content of butyl-glycol is used as carbon source. A perfect way to use waste as a resource on the path towards a more circular economy.

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