We are proud that Grupo Otua has assigned Afvalzorg and our local Spanish partner Lurgintza, the design of a new landfill gas recovery system. The assignment includes the flare station for their landfill site in Igorre in the Basque country of Spain. After the research period the construction work will starts in 2021.

Grupo Otua is an industrial group of companies dedicated to recycling, distribution and research. As a first step in deciding on the preferred landfill gas management system at the site, Afvalzorg performed an on-site landfill gas research campaign at the landfill in February of this year. We also performed laboratory test to establish the landfill gas generation of some specific waste streams which are landfilled in large quantities. The outcome of the tests are used to accurately model landfill gas generation over time at the Igorre landfill site.

Based on the modelling results and site specific conditions, the optimal configuration of the landfill gas recovery system and flare station will be determined. The construction works are expected to begin in 2021.

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