Afvalzorg has recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the city of Medan, Indonesia, to develop a gas extraction project together with Multriwell and local partners. This collaboration aims to mitigate climate change and minimise the negative impact of the city’s landfill site on the environment. The signing of the LOI reflects Medan’s strong commitment to improving waste management and leading the way in reducing emissions from Indonesian landfill sites.

The signing of the LOI between Afvalzorg, Multriwell and the city of Medan marks a significant step towards the development of a landfill gas project that is set to have a positive impact on climate change mitigation and environmental conservation. It demonstrates Medan’s determination to improve waste management practices and take a leading role in reducing emissions from landfill sites in Indonesia. The project’s incorporation of sustainable landfill closure practices aims to ensure the long-term safety and usefulness of the site.

Insight in landfill management

As part of the NL-Indonesia Partners for International Business programme, Mayor Bobby Nasution and his waste management team visited the Netherlands. During their visit, they took the opportunity to explore Afvalzorg’s 80-hectare landfill site in Nauerna as well as redeveloped landfill sites in Velsen and Schoteroog. The visits provided insights into how landfill emissions can be minimised during their operational phase and how closed landfill sites can be transformed into safe and beneficial landscapes.

More sustainable waste management strategies

Medan’s commitment to improving waste management practices and reducing emissions sets an example not only for other cities in Indonesia but also potentially much further afield. This collaboration could pave the way for more sustainable waste management strategies and inspire similar projects around the world.

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