At Afvalzorg, we try to reuse and recycle as many waste materials from our landfills as possible. This has often proved to be a challenge, but it is clear to us that waste flows can result in an excellent environmental waste management alternative that we continuously aim for.

Horizontal landfill gas recovery systems require a substantial amount of granular materials, which we are now replacing by coarse granular waste materials (e.g. bottom ash, C&D waste materials).

At our landfill site Zeeasterweg in The Netherlands, we have performed several tests on the reuse of copper slags as gas drainage material. This is a by-product created during the copper smelting and refining process. During the tests, the slags performed perfectly and showed great potential for other purposes. Additionally, the slags also have the ability to bind H2S, which reduces odours at the landfill.

The installed horizontal gas drainage layer from copper slags is connected with vertical wells and positioned underneath an immobilisation layer constructed from bottom ash. The immobilisation layer allows for recycling and storage activities on top of the landfill cell. At the same time, the layer also enables maximal landfill gas recovery, contributing significantly to greenhouse gas mitigation. A great example of waste flows that cannot be wasted.

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