At Afvalzorg we strongly believe that renewable energy is the future. Our commitment to promote sustainable solutions drives us in the search of greener opportunities. This month we have started the construction works of our pilot project “sun on Dutch dikes”.

The pilot takes place in Knardijk, Flevoland in The Netherlands. During the pilot we will not only investigate the optimal configuration of the solar panels, but also which panels incorporate better into the landscape and provide support to the function of the dike. The intention is to implement this system as an integrated part in future dike reinforcement projects.

This new system of solar panels is equipped with our self-developed product Solarbase, a sustainable and reinforced foundation on which the solar panels are placed. This solar base is a concrete-like foundation made of secondary (waste)products with bottom ash as its main component. The use of this product integrated to a solar panel system empowers the circular economy strategy at Afvalzorg.

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