Solarbase is a foundation for solar panels, providing a more sustainable alternative to concrete paving. Instead of using primary materials such as sand and gravel, it uses secondary materials that are immobilised in the mix.

Afvalzorg already uses Solarbase as a foundation layer for solar panels at landfills. We have used this product on top of a slope at one of our landfill sites, for instance. This was the first step towards the future use of Solarbase on dyke embankments and noise barrier walls in combination with solar panels.

We have recently started a pilot project involving the embankment of a dyke in Flevoland, the Netherlands. We have installed the Solarbase there, along with solar panels, in order to investigate how this new type of construction interacts with the dyke. Hopefully without compromising its safety. If results are positive, this would mean that Solarbase and solar panels could potentially be installed on many more dykes.

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